TLG’s statement on this year’s results

TLG’s statement on this year’s results

17th August 2020

TLG welcomes the urgent action taken by devolved governments across the entire UK to rectify the ongoing student results situation by resorting to Centre Assessed Grades for both Further Education and Key Stage 4 (and equivalent). No system in such an unprecedented scenario is flawless, but this appears to be the fairest resolution at a time where promptness is key.

We have seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has had on children’s emotional and mental health. The anxiety, dejection and frustration caused by recent events regarding results will only add to the emotional and mental health crisis that our children and young people are experiencing. Such milestones in life are uncertain enough, without the added doubt of unfair systems and changing outcomes.

While the changes are welcome, there will now be even more confusion with students once again left unsure about which course, apprenticeship or other route they will now take and whether withdrawn offers are available again. It is critical that the government, Ofqual and education providers work together to ensure that no student is left behind and unsure of their next steps as a result of this predicament.

At such a unique time, constructing a new system to award results for exams that students have not taken was always going to be a difficult undertaking with no clear solution. However, there was no doubt that the initial system was simply unfair, with students from lower income areas being particularly adversely affected by the current system.

At TLG, the young people we work with have struggled with school and are regularly from deprived backgrounds. However, in a supportive environment they are now thriving and working hard towards their future, determined to beat the labels that had been previously assigned to them and buck the trends of what is expected of them. All children should have the right to be judged on their own merit at the time and not on past struggles they have overcome, on their postcode or on their school’s prior performance. It is right that steps have now been taken to resolve this.

We are continuing to seek ways that we can support children across the UK throughout the current pandemic and in an ever increasing emotional and mental health crisis. COVID-19 has already hugely disrupted the lives of children and this is yet another example of how the impact of COVID-19 will be felt by future generations long after the initial pandemic.

Beth Prescott

Beth Prescott

Before coming to TLG, Beth worked as a Fundraising Project Manager for poverty-relief charity Christians Against Poverty. Beth also has expansive experience in the political sector. Beth is a season ticket holder at Huddersfield Town and enjoys hiking through the Yorkshire countryside followed by a local ale in the pub.

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