Our vision

Hope and a future for children

Over the last 20 years, TLG has been supporting young people and their families in some of the most difficult cirumstances in education.

Our history is in ensuring excluded teenagers and those struggling to cope with day to day school life receive an education. But today, we represent that and so much more.

Tim Morfin, Chief Executive of TLG

I think the tragedy when a child is struggling at school is that there are parents who dread school pick-up time because they know there will be a long list from the teacher of what's not worked, what he or she's done wrong today. At the heart of TLG is a loving, caring community that can really make a difference for those that are struggling and in need. - Tim Morfin, Chief Executive of TLG

Knowing that success in education requires a holistic answer, our vision is to develop a network of church based centres to provide support, education and prevention for children and families at whatever crossroad they face in education.

Education can often be the last thing on a child’s mind when faced with tragic events in their life. Difficult circumstances such as bereavement, family breakdown, poverty or being in the care system can have a devastating effect on a child’s life both now and in the future.

But there is hope. 

TLG intervenes to support children, families, schools and churches across the UK. Ranging from one to one support for children beginning to show signs of struggle in school to helping young people and families in the midst of exclusion, in all our work lies an unchanging resolve to transform lives for good.

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